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The BDO Latvia award for the support of young artists is presented to Amanda Ziemele

10 December 2020

By promoting the traditions of culture and art patronage in Latvia, BDO Latvia announces an award for the support of young artists. The aim of the award is to help young artists gain the recognition and appreciation which is so important in their professional development.

At the end of this year, BDO Latvia establishes a new annual tradition – presenting an award to a selected young artist. This year the award is presented for the first time with the goal to regularly identify young artists and evaluate their performance in visual art of Latvia, promoting the emergence of new artworks and the popularity of young Latvian artists both in Latvia and abroad. BDO Latvia is also willing to use its example to invite other entrepreneurs in Latvia to support cultural and artistic events by developing the culture of donations from the private sector – to give back to its society and culture.

The initiator of the award is Sworn Advocate Vita Liberte, the leading partner of BDO Latvia. “In order to provide support to young artists and confidence in their strength, both moral and financial support is needed,” says Sworn Advocate Vita Liberte, the partner of BDO Latvia substantiating the establishment of the award. Vita Liberte is also the patroness of Kim? and the founder of the VV Foundation. “I think it's very important to help others if you have the opportunity. With our example, we would like to encourage other companies in Latvia to find their own form of support and to take a cultural field or event under their wing. This year we have chosen the artist Amanda Ziemele. Amanda’s pictorial expression is original and based on forms that depict an abstract event or an entirely new reality. Exploring this reality requires intellectual and intuitive effort, similarly to in our profession,” says Vita, talking about the choice of the artist.

The award is presented to artist Amanda Ziemele

This year, the award is presented to Amanda Ziemele. Amanda Ziemele convincingly demonstrated herself in the solo exhibition “Kvantu matu implanti” at Kim?. At the Centre for Contemporary Art (21.02.2019-07.04.2019), her works are displayed at the exhibition BLACK MARKET / NADA Miami 2020 / Riga Kim?. Amanda has also been nominated for the Purvītis Prize 2021 at the Centre for Contemporary Art.

“In my opinion, the initiative of BDO Latvia is very important in the context of local art, engaging in the promotion of contemporary art processes as systematic support for young artists. Thank you for the support provided,” says Amanda Ziemele.

The BDO Latvia award is presented to an artist by choosing a specific work of art and agreeing on the support format. It can be the creation of a new painting, a cash prize or support in organising an exhibition. Not only is material support important, but also the opportunity for the young artist to present his or her work, which is used in the form of a Christmas greeting and sent to all customers, thus promoting the young artist and introducing potential art buyers and collectors to the young artist.

Significantly, this is not the first initiative implemented by BDO Latvia in the support of the art sector. Previously, exhibitions and a number of other events have been organised to support artists. Also, the office premises of the company are like an ambitious gallery of artworks, and besides BDO Latvia partner Jānis Zelmenis is a passionate art collector, who owns a significant collection of artworks.

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